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Version Date Description
1.8 20081002
1.7 20080908
1.6 20080827
1.3 20080822
1.0 20080810

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Release 1.8 - 20081002

Type Changes By
In Object to CSV translation, the variable name used by JEXL for the given Object may be user-defined. Robert Weber
Added per line pre-processing capabilities. Robert Weber
Added arbitrary Object instantiation within the JEXL context during Object to CSV operations. Robert Weber
A header may optionally be printed when the CSV is generated from an Object. Robert Weber

Release 1.7 - 20080908

Type Changes By
The 'required' attribute may now be specified on a CsvFieldValidationCommand. Setting this to false will cause the validation to be skipped in the event that there is not value present (null or an empty string). Robert Weber

Release 1.6 - 20080827

Type Changes By
CSV Object mappings are now reversible. That is, a user may now map CSV to an Object and take that same object and map it back to CSV. Robert Weber

Release 1.3 - 20080822

Type Changes By
CSV Field mappings can now be specified using JEXL instead of the hokey pseudo bean-property method of the initial implementation. Robert Weber

Release 1.0 - 20080810

Type Changes By
The initial release of the CSV Object Mapper. Robert Weber