This page guides the neophyte in the cryptic and subtle ways of the CSV to Object Mapper...


Find a CSV file

Okay. Most likely, the only reason that you're reading this is because you have a CSV file that you need to map to an Object. But just in case...

Find an Object to which to map your CSV records

And very likely, you already have this information, too. I'm just covering all of the bases here.

CSV To Object

Mapping -- the fundamentals of mapping CSV to a Java Object

Formatting -- how to implement formatters to convert Strings to differently formatted Strings or other Java types entirely

Validation -- how to implement CSV input validation

Object to CSV

Mapping -- how to configure your mapping to allow for the translation of a Java Object to CSV

Formatting -- how to implement formatters to convert an arbitrary Java Object into a String

Advanced Topics

Header Line -- how to deal with the CSV header line

Complex Mapping -- how to map mappings to fields of other mappings

Expanded Context / Per Line Pre-processing -- making life easier by moving complex properties into a single name reference

#DEFINE -- how to put arbitrary Java Objects in scope